Yeguada El Aladroque

Yeguada el Aladroque it’s Situated 19 km (11 mi) from Madrid in“Tres Cantos” Village.

Since 2001 we devote ourselves to the breeding and dressage of sport horses, functionally selected for the dressage discipline.

For this purpose we have two kinds of breeding, one for the centre-european sport horses (CDE) and the other one for the Spanish pure breed horses( PRE), providingin the future one new kind based in this crossbreed.

Regarding the raising of the Spanish pure breed horse we are focus on developing a modern horse, suitable for the competion and sport, being this the reason why we don´t look for any color specifially but the functionally of the horse.

Our work philosophy is based in a careful selection, followed of a breeding process in a complete free range that eventually end up in a work system focused in the search of the balance of character and attitude through the perfect alternation between the dressage work and a daily relaxation in freedom.

Ours colts are robusts, strongs, qualifed for both sports and competition, they perform excellent movements for dressage.

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About us. Yeguada El Aladroque
CDE. Breed by central europe bloodlines.
PRE. Pure spanish breed.

Yeguada el Aladroque. Calle Escudo, 10 28761 Tres Cantos | 667 55 20 54 / 610 31 44 71  |